Choose the perfect AirTender® for your motorbike


You can choose to install AirTender® together with your basic suspension and substituting only the original spring, or you can purchase the complete AirTender® PLUS.

Whatever your choice is, at one of our AirTender® points we will install and set-up the kit on your motorbike. We have tested our kits on the most popular motorbike models and after meeting you we will be able to refine the settings according to your weight, your riding style and your personal needs.

The AirTender® kit is universal and can be installed on any standard or aftermarket suspension by substituting the original spring and keeping – where available – the standard electronic elements (such as the BMW ESA-Dynamic system).

Avalaible for 984 € + IVA

AirTender® PLUS UK Touring damper, designed and developed for comfortable trips on the road without sacrificing performance.

Variable price based on the shock absorber

AirTender® CROSS Umbria Kinetics Offroad damper, designed for cross, enduro and rally, to dramatically improve your performance.

Avalaible from April 2020


The suspension revolution  available in a specific kit for your motorbike.

A series of custom-designed kits for the most popular models, consisting of the AirTender® system combined with PLUS damper for the road, the CROSS dumper for extreme off-road, or the standard one to be compatible with any type of electronic suspension, such as BMW ESA system.


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AirTender® is a product designed, patented and made by Umbria Kinetics, an innovative company based in Foligno (province of Perugia, Italy) that operates in the sector of mechanics applied to automotive.

Funded in 2013 on the basis of the long experience of the historic racing team Giuliani Corse, it transfers on its products the successes collected on the racetracks.


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